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Play a lot…,     talk a lot…,      laugh a lot…,    study a bit… !

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pensarAs you know, the Portuguese and the British are different people. Did you take notice of situations which sounded strange to you? Read the  three parts of the story again and try to identify one.

Example: In England kids wear uniforms at school

Films give us a different perspective of a story, isn’t it?

Just watch a small video of part three of  “Five on a Treasure Island”. It is a bit different from the book.

Can you spot the differences? Write them in comments.

readingRead part 3 and answer the  questions hereunder. Write the answers in comments.

1. How were they going to the island?
2. What was there off the island that made the kids so curious?
3. Have people ever found the treasure?

As you see, the story is unfinished.
reading-with-kids-girl-writes-learn-to-read (1)The four cousins went to the island. What do you think happened there?  Use your imagination and in groups of four write what happened on Kirrin Island. Be creative!

podcastNow listen to Part 2 of the story “Five on a Treasure Island” and  do the next activity .

podcastListen to Part 1 of the story “Five on a Treasure Island” and make the following activity. activityDo it in pairs.

reading111Now read this part of the story and download the following document . Order the actions according to the narration and write your answers in comments. It’s pair work, too.

Have you ever read a book by Enid Blyton? Have you ever heard of the Famous Five?


Well, this year you are going to read part of the first one.

Julian, Dick and Anne, the three brothers, get together with their cousin George in the first adventure, Five On A Treasure Island.

By now, click  here and try to find out something about Enid Blyton. Report it to us! Follow the guidelines and do it with your partner.



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